The best self-care vacation ideas to try this summer

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Busy planning your summer trips? Before you get carried away by the hustle and bustle of the busiest season, don’t forget to plan a vacation to take care of yourself! With hot weather, long days and PTO, summer is the perfect time to pack up and get away. But not all vacations are created equal. In fact, it’s normal to feel like you need a vacation after the vacation! That’s where self-care comes in. Whether you’re jet-setting, hitting the road, or planning a vacation,

What are self-care vacations and why are they on the rise?

Yes, self-care vacations do exist. And no, these are not wacky fantasies that require a lot of time, money or resources. There are no hard and fast rules here – it’s just a chance for you to slow down and take some time for yourself (while nurturing your mind, body, and spirit in the process).

With current stress levels in America (more than 50% of Americans report being stressed during the day), it’s no wonder self-care vacations are on the rise. That said, it’s time to make some time for yourself and start making yourself a priority. Read on to find out how!

1 Lose yourself in nature with a hike in a national park

Do you feel better when you move your body in nature? Plan a trip to your favorite national park for a hiking vacation – this might be just what you need! While beautiful scenery is always a bonus, there are so many mental and physical benefits to lacing up your boots and enjoying the sun, nature, and scenic views. According to the American Psychological Association , being in nature has been shown to provide cognitive health benefits and may even improve happiness.

2 Snorkeling in the Hawaiian Tropics

Just you and the big blue – sounds pretty quiet, doesn’t it? Along with the mood-enhancing benefits of the sun, booking a tropical snorkeling vacation is a great way to pamper yourself. For starters, snorkeling is a great way to reap the benefits of working out without feeling like you’re exercising. You’ll burn calories, reap the benefits of aerobic exercise, and support your cardiovascular health. Plus, sliding on the white sand in a sea of ​​crystal clear water is pretty amazing for your mental health and stress levels. Imagine yourself floating free to the sound of the Hawaiian waves with an up close and personal view of the coral reefs, sea ​​turtles and the most beautiful fish in the world. Maui, Oahu, Kawaii… you can’t go wrong. We are already relaxed!

3 Bathe in the benefits of a thermal holiday

If you love a good Epsom salt or a bubble bath, a hot springs vacation is the perfect escape, even in the summer months. It’s like the natural version of a warm hug. And despite the Icelandic Blue Lagoon, which is very trendy on Instagram, you don’t have to be a jet-setter to soak up the benefits of the hot springs! In fact, there are hot springs all over the United States – there might be one closer than you think!

4 Ground Down with a Yoga Retreat

And since summer hours tend to be more flexible, it’s the perfect time to relax and finally book that self-care vacation! You don’t have to be a pro yogi either. In fact, you can benefit from this mind-body retreat even if you have never done yoga. While a great opportunity to deepen your practice, yoga retreats are often structured around full-body healing. It’s a chance to turn your attention inward, to reflect, and to step out of your comfort zone. Although every retreat is different, meditation, journaling, and detox with healthy foods are often included as well. As we said, healing of mind, body and soul!



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