Going on Vacation when you are an Entrepreneur with a Serene Mind

Going on Vacation

Spring is coming, sunny days too, it’s the perfect time to plan your next vacation . But here you are, you are a business manager and you hesitate to put your work aside for several days . How will society function without you? What will your business look like when you return from vacation? So many questions that fly through your head and block you when it comes time to organize your break period . So is it really possible to go on vacation when you are an entrepreneur  ? How can you make your holidays go as smoothly as possible and your business continues to run well? This is what we will see right away.

The stress of leaving your job

Taking time off should be a time of joy and excitement. But many business owners are not so enthusiastic, because going on vacation also means giving up their jobs for a while and letting go of their various responsibilities .

Who will supervise? Is everything going to be okay? Will the business continue to operate in my absence? No one is going to manage everything like I do! Questions abound, stress mounts and many entrepreneurs finally give up their well-deserved vacation.

For those who manage to cross the threshold and take a long weekend off or a longer break away from home, the brain often continues to think. If the body is with the family in a pleasant place, the spirit is at the office worrying . In the end, you are not at peace and the holidays are a source of tension. Despite the sun, the family activities and the beautiful landscapes, they are not experienced as a real beneficial break.

The need for rest

In a previous article, we detailed the sources of stress for entrepreneurs and gave you advice on how to reduce it and be more zen . Taking time off is one of them.

Working non-stop is not good for you or your company . Here’s why going on vacation when you’re an entrepreneur is essential.

  1. Avoid burnout

You want to do well, manage your business as well as possible, perform all your tasks, not fall behind… However, you need to rest your brain and your body before you are completely exhausted. But immersed in your daily life, you are no longer really aware of the limit not to cross. So give yourself regular periods without work so as not to burnout.

  1. Refuel and bring back fresh ideas

Going on vacation allows you to recharge your batteries, release accumulated tension and recharge your batteries by cutting off your professional activity. After your holidays, back in the office, you are more productive. You have taken a step back, have new ideas, gain in creativity and efficiency. With a clear mind, you are ready to resume your activity with enthusiasm, dynamism and full of new resources.

  1. Spend time with family or friends

We’re not going to lie to each other, when you work a lot, it’s hard to enjoy your loved ones every day. What could be better than a good vacation to be fully available for the people you love and create unforgettable memories? Away from work, it’s the perfect time to spend quality time with your spouse and children.

Going on vacation when you are an entrepreneur and spending time with your family

Organize your holidays when you are a business manager

Actions to take before going on vacation

Of course, any self-respecting entrepreneur will not take leave without a minimum of preparation. So that the activity continues to run without you and that you can leave with a free spirit, here are some tips:

Choose your vacation dates when the workload is less important: off-peak period, customers on vacation too…

Plan to have trusted people present (in the office or remotely) and operational.

Define a manager that your customers and collaborators can contact in your absence and share with him the directives and projects to follow.

Delegate tasks that cannot be put on hold, such as customer service (answering e-mails, etc.), managing administrative papers, your social networks, etc. A virtual assistant is ideal for this kind of activity. If you do not already work with her regularly, you can still entrust her with tasks on an ad hoc basis , such as when you are on vacation for example. In addition to going on vacation with peace of mind, working with a virtual assistant has many other advantages .

Make a point a few days before your departure with your collaborators to make sure that they have all the necessary information (documents, schedule, key dates, etc.) to be able to continue their work in your absence.



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