The different types of hotels: How to find your way around?

types of hotels

When looking for a job in the hospitality industry, it can be difficult to tell the different types of hotels apart . We’ve already analyzed hotel categories by star rating , but now we’ll look at the different types of hotels you might encounter in your job search .

What are the most popular types of hotels?

Business Hotels

Business hotels represent an important part of the international hotel market. These hotels cater to professionals who travel frequently and require reliable accommodation. Since they are intended for business trips, these types of hotels do not necessarily offer additional services such as a spa or a cocktail bar. You will usually find these establishments in the downtown or business district of an urban area.


If you want to work in a popular tourist location but don’t want to live in the city, a resort might be the perfect choice. Resorts are often found in tropical or beachfront areas , where relaxation and recreation are the top priority. These types of hotels are unique in the industry because many of them offer an all-inclusive package. This means that when a guest stays at the resort, food, beverages and a wide range of services and activities are included.

Residential hotels

A residential hotel is an establishment specializing in long-term temporary accommodation. These establishments cater to people who are in a city for an extended stay and need a space where they feel at home. Guests normally stay a minimum of one month and must sign a rental agreement before moving in. Due to their characteristic, residential hotels generally offer very few amenities and services .


If you want to work in a less corporate hospitality environment, a hostel job may be right for you. Hostels are generally much smaller establishments than large hotel chains. They are often owned and managed by a family, so the working conditions are very different from those of a large company. These establishments attract travelers for their originality and are generally off the beaten track.

Suite hotels

This style of hotel is relatively new to the industry and is becoming more popular than ever. The difference between this type of hotel and a standard hotel is that each room is a suite. Therefore, all rooms in the hotel are luxuriously furnished and equipped, such as a living room, a kitchen area and a separate bedroom . They are ideal for traveling professionals who may need to host clients for a meeting in their room.

Boutique hotels

Boutique hotels are establishments with a unique character that cater to travelers looking for an original accommodation. You can find them in trendy neighborhoods in busy urban areas, often surrounded by trendy restaurants and bars. These types of hotels are normally much smaller than a standard hotel and usually have less than 100 rooms. Some boutique hotels may be privately owned and managed, but many are owned by large hotel groups that want to diversify their offerings.

Guest rooms

Bed and breakfasts are a type of hotel similar to a hostel, but smaller or more specialized. These are modest, private establishments, generally managed by a family or a couple. This style of accommodation is popular with people who want to escape the trappings of the city and have a more family-friendly experience. Bed and breakfasts are usually found in scenic rural areas that don’t offer many conventional lodging options.


It may be confusing, but the term motel is a combination of the words hotel and motor. This type of hotel appeared with the proliferation of the automobile at the beginning of the 20th century. Motels are often found along roads or highways and cater to people who take long road trips. They aren’t meant to be much more than a place to sleep and therefore offer little, if any, convenience.

There is such a variety of hotels that there is sure to be one that matches your profile. To find your dream job in the hospitality industry, check out the hospitality job openings available on Hosco today!



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