The best museums in New York

New York

New York is a great city that offers tremendous recreational opportunities no matter what time of year you travel to the city.


For those of us who witnessed the events of September 11, 2001 in some way , a visit to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum is a very emotional moment on a trip to New York City.

With this 9/11 Museum audio tour ticket , you’ll have direct access to the museum itself and the 9/11 Memorial where you can learn about this episode in American history and the city’s heroic response. from New York to this terrible event.

A visit to remember, what does the 9/11 museum look like?

This museum documents the history and significance of the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York , through an extensive collection of over 10,000 objects that bear witness to this tragic date.

On the day of my visit, I started with the Memorial Plaza , two huge water fountains with waterfalls located exactly where the towers used to be. The show is absolutely breathtaking in its emotional significance . On the edges of the fountains you can read the names of those who perished in the attacks on bronze plaques.

Living History Tour

The museum is located below Memorial Plaza, in the remains of the original World Trade Center structure . After going through the security arch, nothing can prepare you for what you’ll see inside the 9/11 Museum , as it stirs up so many emotions and it’s impossible not to feel a lump in your throat throughout. visit.

The remains of the original columns of the Twin Towers , the staircases by which hundreds of people tried to flee for their lives, as well as the objects of

Useful information

Where is the 9/11 Museum : 180 Greenwich Street in the World Trade Center, lower Manhattan.

How long does it take to see it : Due to the importance of this museum, it is a place that should be seen at your own pace. I advise you to set aside at least two hours to see it.

Natural History Museum

Another of New York’s best museums is the Natural History Museum . Many people know it from Ben Stiller’s film Night at the Museum , especially the youngest. However, even if its collection does not come to life in the real world, it is worth visiting for the importance of its collections and how well structured they are in an enjoyable and exciting visit .

In fact, it’s one of the city’s must-see museums and one of the most visited, so if you want to skip the lines at the ticket office and go straight to what interests you, best to take this ticket to the New York Museum of Natural History .

What to see at the Natural History Museum

It was established in 1869 to study the universe , the Earth, human beings, and the dissemination of science through the efforts of naturalist Albert S. Bickmore. So you can see a lot of interesting things there: from fossils and dinosaur bones to meteorites and the origins of human beings.

Given the size of the natural history museum and the number of exhibits, a visit can be difficult , especially if it is the first time.

How to plan your visit

Among the most famous are the Biodiversity and Environment Halls (where a 28-meter-long blue whale specimen is displayed), the Earth and Planetary Sciences Halls (where the Ahnighito meteorite which is crashed in Greenland) and my favorite, the Fossil Hall , which houses the largest collection of dinosaur fossils and life-size reproductions.



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