8 Lesser-Known Beaches That Can Be Enjoyed During Summer

Enjoyed During Summer

Australia is home to around ten thousand beaches, many of which are well-celebrated either on a local or international level. Among this number, however, are many that remain lesser-known and underrated. These sandy landscapes are well-kept secrets by many, especially among watersports enthusiasts who want to ensure that summer tourism doesn’t overrun these locations.

If you’re looking for a quieter beach to enjoy during this sunshine season, or a place to swim without fear of too much boat traffic, then here are eight lesser-known and ideal beaches for you to enjoy.


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Nudey Beach, Queensland

If you are willing to visit Cairns and then take a nearly 1-hour boat ride to Fitzroy Island you will be rewarded with access to Nudey Beach, which is secluded, remote, and unbelievably stunning. The island itself is almost entirely a national park and, while the name might suggest otherwise, clothing is expected.

Kitty Miller Bay, Victoria

Located on Phillip Island, Kitty Miller Bay Beach is an expansive environment that has a number of features, from coastal cliffs to golden sands, even having its own shipwreck that can be seen during low tide.

Ned’s Beach, New South Wales

Another island beach, this time found on Lord Howe, Ned’s Beach is renowned for its diverse seascape, one that is full of coral and marine life. These white sands are rarely overwhelmed with visitors, except for the occasional divers, making it perfect for a peaceful visit.

Shoalwater Bay, Queensland

The largest beach on the Capricorn Coast, Shoalwater Bay has a reputation for tumultuous weather patterns. Should you manage to visit during a calm period, however, you will be rewarded with pristine sands and unrivalled vistas, understanding why this area remains one of the best reasons to visit Perth.

Childers Cove, Victoria

Quietly known as one of the Great Ocean Road’s hidden gems, Childers Cove is a stunning beach that rarely feels busy, despite its natural beauty. The cost is, however, that the beach is rather remote from facilities, so be sure to pack appropriately!

Coffin Bay National Park

Despite being perfect for watersport activities, from scuba diving to surfing, as well as being a fantastically photogenic beach, Coffin Bay National Park remains a quiet location. While it can be a slight mission to get a watercraft to the sand, those who manage to will discover that the best views are found on the water.

Bailey Beach, Perth

This relatively small beach is only a short distance from Perth but remains quiet, largely because of its size and rougher waters. However, for those who want to soak up the sun and relax between the beautiful cliffs, this is an ideal location that seldom feels busy.

Dhamitjinya, Northern Territory

Also known as East Woody Beach, Dhamitjinya is a treasure yet to be discovered by most. With pure white sand and crystal blue waters, the landscape can look otherworldly. The cost of its quiet scenery comes in the form of low accessibility and, during high tides, it might even be impossible to access the sand, so be sure to plan ahead.



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